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Defense Driving Techniques for Commercial Drivers. Are your employees operating commercial vehicles? Join us to learn about offering your employees Defensive Driving Training.

Defensive Driving Preparedness

Be proactive about your safety when travelling on the road. Certified Safe Driver LLC offers defensive driving training and evaluation services to commercial and consumer drivers that help you avoid the dangers of the bad drivers next to you.

Refresher Training

Certified Safe Driver LLC provides a refresher training session on safe driving techniques and the applications to reduce driver at risk behaviors that may result in excessive or extreme cost incurred by damage, injury, or litigation as a result of a crash. In the training session, we provide pre-trip and post-trip demonstrations, as well as classroom instruction on defensive driving techniques and DOT rules. If the refresher training course is completed satisfactorily, the individual or company receives a certificate of completion.


With personalized certification and training from our knowledgeable team, you can protect yourself against other drivers and the overall risks of being on the road. We conduct refresher classes, licensing, and on road evaluation. We also have a compliance consultant on hand who is available for the verification of compliance to DOT standards and California Highway Patrol regulations.


Pat Washington

Director of Sales, Certified Safe Driver LLC.

Bea Rodriguez

Safety Educator, Certified Safe Drivers

Mike Perez

CEO, Certified Safe Driver, LLC

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Joe Duenas

Safety Educator, Certified Safe Drivers

Yolanda Ladage

Safety Educator, Certified Safe Drivers

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